Town Manager

  1. 042 With Chief Balentine
  2. 041 With Mary Indiano
  3. 040 With Kendra Amaral
  4. 039 With Liz Hayden
  5. 038 With Liz Cooper
  6. 037 With Gretchen Seaver!
  7. 036 With Michelle Sampson!
  8. 035 With Neil Rideout
  9. 034 With Jeremy and Loretta Prescott!

    Selfies with Steve
    Goodbye to Kettle Boys Popcorn

    Saying Goodbye to Jeremy and Loretta Prescott of Kettle Boys Popcorn Read on...
  10. 033 With Nick Marcisso 2018-10-12
  11. 032 With Kristie Bolton

    Selfies with Steve
    Meet Kristie!

    Meet Kristie, our Payroll and Accounts Payable Specialist! Read on...
  12. 031 With James Kences

    Selfies with Steve
    History Lesson with James Kencas

    Steve sits down with James Kencas for a History Lesson Read on...
  13. 030 With Tinker Newick

    Selfies with Steve
    Talking with Tinker Newick!

    Steve learns something new about Tinker Newick! Read on...
  14. 029 With Lydia Blume

    Selfies with Steve
    New Extension of Fishermen's Walk

    Checking out the new extension of Fishermen's Walk with Lydia Bloom Read on...
  15. 028 with Scott Randall

    Selfies with Steve
    Officer Randall gets in the Picture

    Officer Randall gets in the picture with Steve while helping keep everyone safe in a different selfie! Read on...
  16. 027 With Old York Garden Club

    Selfies with Steve
    Old York Garden Club

    How many Old York Garden Club members can we fit in a selfie? Read on...
  17. 026 With Leslie Hinz

    Selfies with Steve
    Keeping Drains Clean with Leslie

    Keep an eye out for our lobster, rubber duckie and fish stencils near storm drains! Read on...
  18. 025 With Heather Ross

    Selfies with Steve
    A new face at Town hall

    Meet Heather, our new CEO and Land Use Tech! Read on...
  19. 024 With Reenie Johnson
  20. 023 With Ozzy

    Selfies with Steve
    A tall view at York Beach Fire Department

    A tall view at York Beach Fire Department with Captain David Osgood Read on...
  21. 022 With Julie Ethridge

    Selfies with Steve
    Pondering the Possibility of Expansion

    Pondering the Possibility of Expanding Town Hall with help from Julie! Read on...
  22. 021 With Jeff Patten
  23. 020 With Jon Gay 2018-06-07
  24. 019 With Brian Trafton 2018-06-27

    Selfies with Steve
    Brian and our other Community Service Officers are here to help!

    Parking Kiosk Trouble Shooting, Directions, Parking Tickets .. they do it all! Read on...
  25. 019 With Melissa Avery 2018-06-21
  26. 018 With Jennifer Hunter 2018-05-21
  27. 014 With Luke Vigue 2018-05-15

    Selfies with Steve
    Scooting around with Luke

    Look for Luke and his Scoot around town! Read on...
  28. 015 With Steve Bricker 2018-05-31
  29. 013 With Kathy Newell and her pup Ursa 2018-05-09
  30. 013 with Lou Goscinski 2018-05-16
  31. 012 With Betsy Komar on 2018-05-04

    Selfies with Steve
    It's Besty!

    A Town Employee with almost 20 years of service! Read on...
  32. 011 With Jeff McConnell on 2018-04-03

    Selfies with Steve
    Hartley Mason Reservation

    Open House at Hartley Mason Park with Jeff! Read on...
  33. 010 with Nancy Garfield on 2018-04-23

    Selfies with Steve
    Senior Center Chef

    Lunch at the Senior Center with Nancy! Read on...
  34. 009 With Phil Hanson on 2018-04-11

    Selfies with Steve
    Cemetery Caretaker

    Digging up York's History with Phil! Read on...
  35. Soldiers Memorial 2018-04-11

    Selfies with Steve
    Soldiers Memorial

    Bath time at the Soliders Memorial! Read on...
  36. With Patricia Martine on 2018-03-30

    Selfies with Steve
    York Housing

    New Apartments on the way for York Housing! Read on...
  37. Library

    Selfies with Steve
    York Public Library

    It's Story Time with Michele and Jeanine at the York Public Library! Read on...
  38. DPW with Dan and Jim

    Selfies with Steve
    Signs of Spring at DPW

    It's a sure sign of Spring at DPW with Steve, Dan and Jim! Read on...
  39. Plowing with Glen

    Selfies with Steve
    Plowing with DPW

    Steve hops in the plow truck with Glen! Read on...
  40. YCSA with Michelle

    Selfies with Steve

    Steve and Michelle in the food pantry! Read on...
  41. Short Sands Shipwreck with Mike

    Selfies with Steve
    Short Sands Beach Shipwreck

    Steve and Mike visit the Short Sands Beach Shipwreck! Read on...
  42. Long Sands Bathhouse with Dylan and Amy 03-02-2018

    Selfies with Steve
    Long Sands Bathhouse

    Steve, Amy and Dylan visit the construction site of the new Long Sands Bathhouse! Read on...
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  1. Stephen H. Burns

    Town Manager
    Phone: 207-363-1000, ext. 6021

  2. Melissa M. Avery

    Assistant to the Town Manager
    Phone: 207-363-1000, ext. 6022

  3. Brett Horr

    Director of GIS and Technology
    Phone: 207-363-1000, ext. 6043

  4. Reenie Johnson

    Administrative Assistant
    Phone: 207-363-1000, ext 6036

Documents and Forms

York Toll Plaza Replacement Project

Special Event Permits

A Special Event Permit is required for any temporary use or activity that occurs on any Town Street, Town Park or other Town-owned Property that is outside the normal use of such, has any potential impact on motor vehicle or pedestrian traffic, parking or any other potential community impact, or that causes impacts beyond those associated with normal use. This includes but is not limited to: parades, group walks, road races, fundraising walk, bicycle tours, motorcycle tours, craft fairs, festivals, sidewalk sales, block parties, swimming events, surfing events, fireworks, and bonfires. Event organizers and participants will be required to adhere to any conditions and the General Requirements specified in the Special Event Permit Application and the Town of York Special Event Ordinance and Regulations.

Special Event Permit Application (PDF)     Special Event Permit Application (Word Form)  

Special Events Ordinance       Special Events Regulations


Applications must be completed and submitted to the Town Manager’s Office located at the Town Hall, 186 York Street, York, ME  03909 at least 45 days prior to the date of the event. Once a completed application has been submitted, the Town Manager’s Office will review the application for completeness and once determined complete will schedule the Board of Selectmen to take action (approval/denial) on the application; the applicant will subsequently be notified of the Board of Selectmen’s decision.


A completed application includes all of the following:

-           Signatures of all required departments (located on the second page of application) and any applicable Detail Request Sheets

-           Certificate of Liability Insurance naming the Town of York as an Additional Insured, and including coverage for contractual liability with a minimum of $,1,000,000 per occurrence

-           Events where a “route” is applicable, a street by street list of the route is required

-           A signed Release and Indemnity Agreement

-           Check or Cash for the Application Fee where applicable

Banner Policy

The Town Manager's Office may approve the placement of a banner for a not for profit group at the approved locations over York Street and Main Street. All organizations using the banner poles will be required to sign the Banner Release Form before their reservation is approved. For more information contact Missy Avery, Assistant to the Town Manager.

Banner Release Form               Banner Policy

Capital Budgeting

View current and archived Capital Programs

Referendum Timelines

Find referendum timelines for York, ME.

Town Reports

Archived Town Reports can be found in the Archive Center