York Beach Greenway District


02/15/2024 6:30PM York Beach Greenway Public Meeting

York Beach Fire Department



The Town of York and its consultant, Town Planning and Urban Design Collaborative, invite the public to participate in rezoning the York Beach Greenway District. This is an opportunity for you to collaborate directly with friends, family, neighbors, Town staff, and Town Officials to build the community vision for over 300 acres surrounding Short Sands Road from Route 1 to Short Sands Beach. Your participation is essential to ensure that the rezoning matches the fabric of our community.

Come join the community by contributing to the vision of the York Beach Greenway. Join your neighbors in weekly public and special topical meetings or by leaving a comment below. Your words will form the recreational, environmental, and business opportunities that may come from rezoning the York Beach Greenway area.

Below is an outline of prospective new zones and the draft zoning regulations that go with them. Please comment on both by sending in a comment in the section provided below or by emailing ybgreenwaydistrict@yorkmaine.org!

Our Public Comment Period for the Draft documents is open until Feb 27th!

Proposed Overall Outline with Imagery

Draft Zoning Regulations for Public Comment

Please review and comment on our draft regulations!

draft regulations title page

Current Zoning in the York Beach Greenway Area

Current Zoning in the York Beach Greenway Area
Catch up on the conversations we've already had
Thank you for joining us for the Planapalooza Event. Please see below for recordings and presentation materials. Subcommittee meetings will be held every Wednesday 8AM in the York Public Library.
Watch the closing WORK IN PROGRESS presentation below!

Planapalooza Live RECORDINGS!

We've added recordings of the events below!
planapalooza closing

Download the closing presentation slides below!

Planapalooa Closing Presentation Powerpoint 9-21-23

YBGD land development sketch. Tell us what you like and where you'd like it!

YBGD Charrette Sketch
Next Meeting dates for the Subcommittee
Subcommittee Meeting Date and Time Place
8/03/2023 8AM Library
8/10/2023 6PM Library
8/16/2023 8AM Library
8/24/2023 8AM Library
8/30/2023 8AM Library
9/06/2023 8AM Library
9/13/2023 8AM Library
9/20/2023 8AM Library
Where is the York Beach Greenway District?
Short Sands Area
  1. Suggest a change or addition to the York Beach Greenway District

    Add your vision of the York Beach Greenway District Here!

  2. Sports Complex and/or ice rink

    Turf fields, baseball field, and/or indoor ice arena

Subcommittee Members
  • Al Cotton - Chair
  • Brian Trafton - Vice Chair
  • Meredith Goodwin - Secretary
  • David Woods II - Member
  • Troy Willaims - Member
  • Mary Dopart - Member
  • Marilyn McLaughlin - Member

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