2023 Clamming License sale date 12/11/2022 

A. Clamming season will begin on December 11, 2022, Licenses will be sold at the

Harbormasters shack between 7:00am-9:00am on Dec. 11, 2022, only to those who participate in the clean-up. Licenses will be available for purchase at Town Hall beginning Monday, Dec. 12, 2022

B. License allocation:

 75 - Adult Resident- $15.00

  8 - Adult Nonresident- $30.00

 22 - Resident Senior- $0.00

 3 - Nonresident Senior- $0.00

 22 - Resident Junior- $0.00

 3 - Nonresident Junior- $0.00

C. “Flats Clean Up Day” - Sunday December 11, 2022 from 7:00am-9:00am, Free t-shirt for those picking up trash on the flats.

Map of shellfish open area as of 112421

Town of York
Shellfish Conservation Commission
Clamming Season

Please be aware of the areas around the Wiggly Bridge that are closed for marsh grass restoration.

During the months of March and April, please stay at least 300 yards away from the Osprey nest located on the northern side of Seabury Gut.

Please do not dig in areas that have marsh grass roots.

Who can dig?
 Only persons holding a 2021/2022 York clamming license may dig
 soft shell clams (steamers) in the Town of York.

When can I dig?
 Digging is allowed on Sundays only, from December 12, 2021
 through April 24, 2022. You can dig between sunrise and sunset.
 Digging normally occurs two hours either side of low tide.

Where can I dig?
Open areas: Conditionally Approved Areas and Approved Areas – See link below to the DMR maps.

York River east of Sewalls Bridge

Wiggly Bridge / Barrells Mill Pond

Seabury Gut

Brave Boat Harbor

 Closed areas: Prohibited Area – See enclosed DMR map

York River west of Sewalls Bridge
Cape Neddick River
Short Sands Beach
Long Sands Beach

Why are some areas closed?
 Some areas are closed due to pollution.

What type of clams can I dig?
 Soft shell clams require a Town of York license. Mussels and
 Surf / Hen clams do not.

What is the minimum size for soft shell clams?
 2 inches measured lengthwise is the minimum size.

How many soft shell clams may be kept per person per day?
 1 Peck = ¼ Bushel = 2 Gallons = 8 Quarts

What can I dig with?
 Short handled clam rakes must be used. Shovels, pitchforks or other
 long-handled tools will break the clams and are not allowed.

What are In-Season Closures?
 It may be necessary to close certain areas due to pollution and Red-
Tide. The State of Maine regularly samples water in York for the above.

The State will close the flats if rainfall exceeds 2” within a 24 hour period. Please check the DMR web site if there has been a heavy rainfall in this area.

It is your responsibility to call the Shellfish Sanitation Hotline before digging to verify that the flats are open. 

The hotline number is: 1-800-232-4733

You may also check the DMR Web Site at:

And a map that shows where you can dig at:

Thank you for your support of the Town of York’s shellfish program.
Good luck clamming!