Transcription of Minutes X, XI, XII


Voted to adopt the following inscription to be placed upon the die of the monument.

“Erected in 1906 To Sons of York who served their country in Army and Navy for preservation of the Union.”

Voted that a copy of the contract for the Monument be placed upon the records of this committee.

Voted that Mr. John E. Staples take charge of the Monument when it reaches the York Harbor Rail Road Station.

Voted to adjourn this meeting subject to the call of the clerk.

A true copy of the doing of the said meeting of the S.M. Committee

Attest D.A. Stevens, Clerk


1908 March 16

At the final meeting of the Committee chosen by the York, Me. Veterans and Sons of Veterans Association on the first day of April 1906. To raise funds and procure a Monument to be placed in some suitable location in the Town to be dedicated to the memory of the Soldiers and Sailors who served their country in the Army and Navy during the Civil War for the preservation of the Union held March 16, 1908 at three o’clock in the afternoon in the office of D.A. Stevens York Village. Four of the seven members were present as follows - Hon E.S. Marshall, John E. Staples, Moses J. Adams, & D.A. Stevens. The records of the last meeting were read, accepted and adopted,



the report of D.A. Stevens Treasurer of the Committee was accepted and adopted.

Voted - That the balance in the treasury of three and 66/100 (3.66) dollars be paid to the treasurer of the Veterans and Sons of Veterans Association.

Voted - To adjourn Sine die*

A true copy. Attest D.A. Stevens Clerk of the Committee

* Sine die - Latin - With reference to business or proceedings that have been adjourned with no appointed date for resumption. "the case was adjourned sine die" literally ‘without a day.’