Transcription of Minutes VII, VIII, IX


As committee on said Soldiers Monument for the association of Veterans in York, Maine, as aforesaid hereto and to another instrument of like tenor set our hands the day and year first above written.

Fredrick Barnicoat, Daniel A Stevens, John E. Staples, Edw. S. Marshall, Charles W. Walker.

A true copy of the agreement, Attest D.A. Stevens, Clerk.


At a meeting of Committee on Soldiers Monument held March 31st, 1906, in the office of D. A. Stevens at York Village, Me., at two o’clock in the afternoon five of the seven committee were present as follows

Edward S. Marshall, Chas. W. Walker, John E. Staples, Moses J. Adams, Daniel A. Stevens, and the following votes were passed.

Voted to accept the report of the treasurer which was as follows. 

Whole Amt subscribed by individuals toward Soldiers Monument, $1220 of which $335 has been paid in. The York Dramatic Club have about $80 the proceeds from a play written by Miss Della Varrell given in the Town Hall, and the Town at the annual meeting voted the sum of six hundred fifty dollars ($650) to be used towards the payment of the monument which will make the final paid in and promised


as follows.

Cash received from individuals             335

Cash subscribed by individuals             885

Cash appropriated by the Town at
last annual Town meeting                      650

Amount to be donated by the York Dramatic Club proceeds from play written by Miss Della Varrell, the daughter of a veteran*           77.10

Voted to accept the offer of Hon E.O. Emerson allowing the monument to be placed on the triangle shaped lot in York Village in front of the Methodist Episcopal Church. Mr. Emerson agreeing to convey the lot to the town to be used as the Soldiers Monument lot and that the Soldiers Monument be erected on the lot. 

* Civil War naval veteran Harmon Varrell