Transcription of Minutes IV, V, VI


boxed F.O.B. cars Quincy Adamsto said party of the second part a monument in accordance with the design accepted by the said committee to be built of Medium Quincy granite. Statue to be of Westerly R.I. Granite. All lettering on die of said monument to be 15 cents each extra. (A) said monument is to be eighteen feet in Height and of the following dimensions.
* Quincy Adams refers to a train station in Quincy, Massachusetts.

Lower base 7’0” X 7’0” X 1’5”

Second base 5’4” X 5’4” X 0’11”

Third base 4’8” X 4’8” X 1’10”

Die 3’10” X 3’10” X 5’0”

Cap 4’6” X 4’6” X 2’2”

Statue to be 6’8” high

There will be four emblems carved on third base of said monument representing the four branches of the U.S. Service, and dates


cut on second base as shown on the design. Four sides of die to be polished and four polished balls seven inches in diameter to be placed on four corners of cap of said monument.

(B) The workmanship and the material used in the execution and completion of the Monument and Statue shall be first class and the said party of the first part agrees to complete all the work called for by this agreement on or before May 1st, 1906. In case of labor troubles, delays or accidents beyond control a reasonable lenth (sic) of time to be allotted thereafter for the completion of the work.

(C) Said party of the first part agrees to set monument on its foundation at York Village, Maine, and guarantee it against any injury in its setting for the sum of fifty dollars ($50). Said party


of the first part however to assume no risk or expense in its transportation from Quincy to the lot where monument is to be erected.

Second: Said party of the second part agrees upon the full performance of the agreement of the party of the first part as recited in the forgoing paragraph of this contract to approve and accept said monument and to pay the said party of the first part the sum of one thousand dollars ($1000) in cash after the completion and setting of said monument, balance to be paid on or before Sept 1st 1906. In witnesseth whereof we the said Fredrick Barnicoat and Chas. W. Walker, Edw. S. Marshall, John Dennett, Daniel A. Stevens, Walter M. Smith, John E. Staples, Moses J. Adams.