Transcription of Minutes I, II, III


1905 September 14

The York Maine Soldiers Monument Committee met Thursday September 14th at 2 o’clock in the afternoon at the office of D.A. Stevens, York Village, and organized by making Hon Edward  S. Marshall Chairman, Daniel A Stevens, (clerk) and passed the following votes

Voted that the plans submitted by John E. Staples by Mr. F. Barnicoat be accepted.

Voted that Mr. Bryan Lathrop as President of the York Historical Society and York Village Improvement Association be invited to serve as a advisory member of the committee particularly in selecting a location.


Voted - That the whole committee resolve themselves as a finance committee, and that Hon Edward S. Marshall be the permanent chairman and Daniel A. Stevens, treasurer of the Finance Committee.

Voted -That the committee raise by subscription a sum of money not exceeding two thousand dollars.

Voted -To adjourn subject to call of the clerk. A true copy of the doings of the Committee.

Attest Daniel A. Stevens Clerk of the Committee


Memorandum of Agreement made this Nineteenth day of January A.D. 1906 by and between Fredrick Barnicoat of Quincy in The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Party of the first part and

Edw. S. Marshall, Daniel A. Stevens, John E. Staples, Chas. W, Walker, John Dennett, Walter M. Smith, Moses J. Adams, as they are the Committee of the Association of Veterans and Sons of Veterans an organization in the Town of York, Maine, to procure a Soldiers Monument to be erected in the Town of York, State of Maine, as the second part witnesseth.

First said party of the first part in consideration of the payment of sixteen hundred twenty dollars ($1620) to him as hereinafter stated, agrees to furnish and deliver securely