Transcriptions Abbreviations


The original author(s) used a number of abbreviations. These are listed in the format and order seen in the ledger.

afe – Authorization for Expenditures. An AFE is a document that lays out proposed expenses for a particular project and authorizes an individual or group to spend a certain amount of money for that project. It is a budget for the project against which actual expenditures are compared. These are the letters you see on the front cover just below the title.  

F.O.B. - Free On Board is a term in international commercial law specifying at what point respective obligations, costs, and risk involved in the delivery of goods shift from the seller to the buyer.

Amt - Amount

Amt brot fd - Amount brought forward

De – Debit

Fght – Freight

B&M.R.R. – Boston & Maine Rail Road

Pd – Paid

yd – Yards

or cts – cents

Tres. Y.V.& S.of V Ass. – Treasurer, York Veterans & Sons of Veterans Association

Cr – Credit

acot – account

Rec or Recd – Received

Payt – Payment

Quincy Adams -  Quincy Adams refers to a train station in Quincy, Massachusetts.