Cape Neddick River

Cape Neddick River Watershed Restoration Project, Phase 1

On this page the Code Enforcement Department will post information relating to our work in the Cape Neddick River Watershed.

Data collected by the Town and others shows a pattern of pollution which is concerning to us all, and we are committed to achieving the Town’s goal: eliminating the need to post advisories or close public beaches due to water pollution (Comprehensive Plan, Policy #5.2.5).  A watershed based plan was completed in June of 2014 and voted into the Comprehensive Plan.

In 2017, the Town applied and received a 319 Nonpoint Source Grant for the Cape Neddick River Watershed to address bacteria which is the primary pollutant of concern.  The Town partnered with the Wells Estuarine Research Reserve to assist in implementing the grant.  Key issues to be addresses are:

  • pet waste and water quality;
  • geese determent (install vegetative barriers along the shoreline); and
  • regulated septic system pumping and system maintenance.

Please check back in periodically for updates, and visit the project site at the Wells Reserve for even more information. 

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